Meet "Lucia" ~ Women in Business Part II

Meet "Lucia" ~ Women in Business Part II


This was a proud "Women in Business" moment for me. I was visiting a women's co-op in Guatemala, and happened to be wearing a Larkin Lane silk ikat infinity scarf (the "Lucia") that I designed and had made in Uzbekistan. The moment I walked into the co-op, the younger women who worked there were fascinated by my scarf. They loved the silk, but were more interested by the construction and style.  They even asked if I would take it off so that they could measure it and figure out how to make an infinity scarf themselves. 

I was, of course flattered, but more than that, I was so inspired. This scarf, created in Uzbekistan along the silk road of Asia, was now influencing the work of Mayan women in Guatemala literally halfway around the world, over 8,000 miles away!

At Larkin Lane, it is my passion to bring together the traditional crafts of different cultures. Often this is done through my custom pillows, combining a hand-loomed, hand-dyed silk ikat from Uzbekistan with an Otomi textile embroidered by a woman in Mexico…. And assembled right here in America. That pillow represents three very different cultures coming together to form one exquisite piece of art. Many of these artisans are women, working to support their family with a centuries old craft. It is our honor and privilege to support these families and keep these traditions alive!

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Weaver in Uzbekistan weaving ikat fabric.

Weaver in Guatemala using a back strap loom.


My children were fascinated!


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