Women in Business Part I

Women in Business Part I

Now this woman impressed me!

I met her within the first hour of our arrival in Guatemala. I told her I couldn't buy anything from her until I had "quetzals" - the local currency. So she asked me my name and told me hers. I honestly didn't think I'd see her again with as many markets and people as there were in the city. But sure enough, two days later, in a completely different market, I hear "My friend!!! My friend, CLARK!!! It's me, Ruth from the square!!" 

I didn't have the heart to tell her my name was Lark because I was just so impressed that she remembered me, and we were all having too much fun hearing her call me her "friend, CLARK" with such conviction.

Well, of course I had to buy from her! And when I started to negotiate prices with her on the many textiles that she had convinced me to buy, she said proudly "CLARK, you are my friend, but BUSINESS is BUSINESS". 

I can't wait to do business with her again!

My favorite business woman - my mother. The MASTER negotiator. They can't say no to that smile!

Market scene Guatemala Women in Business Larkin Lane Designs

Women at work in the market. I am always so impressed with how they multi-task!

Guatemalan market woman

This woman captivated me carrying her wares to the market. 



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