Felted Wool Artisans

Kyrgyzstan Felted Wool

Designed and handmade by a grandmother-mother-daughter team in Kyrgyzstan, our felted wool pieces are nothing short of wearable art. “The patterns are inspired by the natural beauty and flowers of the region, and I think they capture a Matisse-like quality,” Lark says.

The Process

The artists begin with 100% pure merino wool, which has been a part of the Kyrgyzstan culture for centuries. In fact, the number of sheep residing there is roughly equal to the population of people. The artisans start with felted wool and cut out traditional graphic designs. They then layer hand woven silk over the wool and apply a soap and water solution.

Lark says that the artists describe the fusing of the fabrics by saying, “Love happens between the two materials.” The combining of the gauzy silk with the felted wool results in a surprisingly airy, lightweight material that the artists then deftly work into luxurious, fashionable shapes that border on couture.

Lark hand selects each piece directly from the artisans. “It is an honor to bring these pieces to the modern woman's wardrobe and to support these talented artists.”


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