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Lark Varley Champion grew up surrounded by art and artists from around the world.  From a young age, she traveled extensively with her mother's international folk art gallery: Galerie Bonheur.  "We always teased my mom that she was only bringing us along to help her carry back more art, but we knew she was intentionally exposing us to the world and to the artists she loved. My mom's passion for art with integrity has always been my greatest inspiration."                                                                                                                                                                           After 15 years as an interior designer, Lark decided to combine her love of exquisite textiles, design, travel and art, and thus was born Larkin Lane.  "I believe in tradition, within a family, within a culture, and within a craft.  My hope is to interpret these centuries-old textile crafts with a modern aesthetic that is both elegant and accessible."


Lark lives in Columbus, Georgia with her husband and their three children. or (412) 537-1511
 You can also visit Lark's mother's gallery at