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What can we design together for your home? Collaboration lies at the heart of Larkin Lane. We love to create bespoke pieces tailored to our clients' homes.

Let's collaborate!

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Anything but Standard

This antique French chair was a consignment store find that needed TLC. “The minute I saw the velvet ikat, I knew the two were meant for each other,” Lark says. “I have to give major credit to my upholsterer for matching the seams so beautifully.” Velvet and silk ikat, hand-loomed on a back loom in Uzbekistan and Turkey, are anything but standard, limited in width by the reach of the artist working the loom. While nonstandard widths can make designing with ikats challenging, the beauty and authenticity are well worth it!

Custom Pillows

It's funny how something small like a pillow can jump-start a room. When a client purchased a gorgeous Larkin Lane Otomi pillow for her guest bed, she asked if we had any pillows that could pull in the other colors in her room, including butter yellow. She texted photos of the room and said, "See what you come up with—I know I'll love it."

“I've always had monogrammed pillows on my bed,” Lark says, “so I thought, "Why not add a monogram to silk ikat?" The result is a pair of monogrammed ikat pillows with coordinating tape trim that turned out better than even Lark envisioned. And the client loved them!  We call it "Southern Ikat". Mexican Otomi and Uzbeki silk ikat with a Southern monogram—all on one bed. Beautiful.

Hand-Picked Textiles

A client fell in love with the chocolate brown Otomi pillow pictured here, but wanted two for her large sectional sofa. Since Otomi textiles are hand-embroidered in Mexico, it's not easy to find two exactly alike.

“I suggested making a pair of chocolate brown silk ikat pillows to complement the Otomi,” Lark remembers, “and the client was thrilled. I was able to use the same background fabric and tape trim that I had used on the Otomi pillow to create the ikat pillows, and they all coordinated beautifully.” We love that a client now has textiles from Mexico and Uzbekistan on one sofa, and they look perfect together!

French Suzani Save

These French chairs were another rescue mission. They were previously upholstered in a mustard yellow velvet that had seen better days. Lark loved the idea of doing something fun and different on the backs of chairs in a dining room. “It's the perfect place to add some drama!” she says. “Though I was hesitant to "cut" up a Suzani, I was comforted by the fact that Suzanis were originally formed from separate panels of embroidered silk.”

We get so inspired when we marry our hand crafted textile treasures from around the world with your beloved treasures and rescued finds. Let’s collaborate and see where inspiration takes us—together.