Incorporating the Eclectic

Incorporating the Eclectic

I'd love to be able to call myself a "bohemian" or a "gypsy", but I'm really not. I have too many monogrammed things in my home to claim that about myself. While I absolutely LOVE to travel and immerse myself in different cultures, I always look forward to coming home. I can't wait to unpack my treasures, and see how they work in my some-would-call "traditional" home. In the photo below, I had an antique French chair upholstered in a silk velvet ikat from Uzbekistan. I think they were meant for each other!

And then my Otomi pillows from Mexico... how I love them! The one pictured below looks perfectly at home next to an antique table and Chinese plate I picked up at Scott's Antique Show in Atlanta. Incorporating different cultures and different crafts within a traditional decor... It never gets old!



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