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Written by Lark Champion


I believe in tradition - within a family, within a culture, and within a craft. With Larkin Lane Designs, I feel like I am carrying on a tradition that my mom started of supporting artists from around the world. I hope that by exposing my children to these artists, they will someday carry this tradition on as well. 

My mom and I recently took my two youngest children to the International Folk Art Market in Santa Fe. There they were introduced to artists from every corner of the globe. We got to know Carmen, from Guatemala (pictured above with my children), and learned how she makes beautiful hand-hooked rugs from used clothing. The rugs are gorgeous, and my kids were fascinated that they came from things like old tee-shirts! We are all traveling to Guatemala this summer and will visit Carmen and her family. We plan on bringing suitcases full of old clothes, and can't wait to see what Carmen creates!





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